Metal Gear Haiku

Man, that scene with Paz…
I guess you could say that it…
Was stomach turning.

Wait, there’s open world

And you get to ride a horse?

Red Dead Gear Solid.

I’m so damn angry

Monsoon, you cheating ball bag.

Would you just stand still.

What the fuck is this?
This doesn’t make any sense.
“Nanomachines, son!”

What’s that awful smell?
I think Jack the Ripper’s back
If you know what I mean

So you’re saying Sam
Had almost no enhancements
And still kicked my ass?

I’m fighting Armstrong?
As in Senator Armstrong?

You’ve got a polearm?
And it’s made of smaller arms?
Too literal man…

So REX had two legs
And that did not go too well
Let’s try this again

Peace Walker had four
And that didn’t work either
Well scrap that one too

What if it had six?
Hey…That could work! Let’s try it!
Someone call Armstrong!

Steal? No, no. I'm taking it back!

Someone stop that man!
Glorious mustache or not
He’s stealing that RAY!